#todayinthekitchen Another mango pie. Espresso sugar crystals in the stars

An American in Provence. #todayinthekitchen we take a lavender cake mix, a simple syrup with fresh ginger, lemon & cardomom pods for flavoring the icing, fresh blueberries and buttermilk into the mix along with olive oil should taste like summer, I think.

Lunch 😁

End of day Lido Key. My mind is a clear, jade green marble.

#todayinthekitchen First mango pie of the season. Mango. Raspberry. Cherries. Cardamom and vanilla.

#todayinthestudio view from the front door

#todayinthestudio unwrapped and rinsed in clear water. The color has shifted again, now it’s a blue lavender. Hung to dry .

#todayinthestudio day 4. Now with bonus mold. Mostly dry. Time to unwrap.

Clathrus crispus Forced myself out of my book long enough to take a shot of the front yard flora.#nofilters