#todayinthestudio we took a hike and found the remains of a squirrel picnic

Roasted, stuffed mission figs with duck prosciutto and roasted Wyoming peach. Drizzle of balsamic and pistachio. At the Snake River Grill in Jackson Hole.

#todayinthestudio my new #totoro necklace. Focal bead by the fabulous @blueblazeslampwork

#todayinthekitchen even with the bruises removed, that’s a lot of avocado.

#todayinthestudio a still life of the desk top.

#todayinthestudio I shall call you Strawberry Letter 22. Just under 200 yards of Batts in the Belfry spun rough and plied with a commercial metallic thread.

#todayinthestudio My collection of operculae. In the green dish are the ones I picked up on Lido Key this June. In the other, a 20-year collection.

#todayinthestudio Finished the bird fetish.